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Medical Malpractice Insurance


In today’s challenging healthcare marketplace, medical malpractice insurance is a necessity. We can help guide you to better results and a higher set of expectations with our value-added services. We understand your struggle to deliver quality health care and avoid medical malpractice claims.

There are two forms of professional liability coverage available to physicians, surgeons and dentists: claims made and occurrence. When these two types of policies are kept in continual force, the coverage they afford is basically identical. However, their principle differences lie in the protection they provide after they are cancelled and their pricing structure.

Both types of coverage have primary policy limits of liability available in amounts up to $1.3 million/$3.9 million (each person/annual aggregate) for physicians and surgeons, and up to $2 million/$6 million for dentists.

Occurrence: The occurrence form of coverage protects a policyholder for alleged acts of malpractice that occur while the policy is in force, no matter when a claim is reported to the company.

Claims Made: The claims made form of coverage protects a policyholder for alleged acts of malpractice, which both occur and are reported to the policyholder’s insurance company during the time the policy is in continuous force, or reported within a stipulated number of days following their cancellation or non-renewal when an Extended Reporting Period (ERP or Tail) is purchased

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